Office 365 Disclaimer

Do you need to add a disclaimer for your Office 365 email?

Here is an example you can use yourself. It will add the following message at the foot of all
messages leaving your organisation.


First, you need to login to your Office 365 portal using an account with administrative

Then click on:


From the menu on the
left, navigate to 'mail flow'

The default section
here is 'rules' which is the highlighted option at the top of the page.

the '
+' link, choose the option to 'Apply disclaimers'

Name the disclaimer

In 'Apply this rule if…' drop list,
select 'The recipient is located…' and choose
'Outside the organisation'

*Do the following
'Append the disclaimer shows below, now select the 'Enter text..' link

The box which
appears can accept either plain or HTML formatted text. To replicate the one
above, paste the following:

<span style="color: #009933; font-family: webdings; font-size: 18pt;">P</span><b><span style='color: #009933; font-family: "arial","sans-serif"; font-size: 10pt;'></span></b><b><i><span style='color: #009933;font-family: "arial","sans-serif"; font-size:7.5pt;'>Please consider the environment. Do you really need to print this
email?<br /></span></i></b>

Then select the
fallback action of 'Ignore'

Now save your disclaimer.

Any message leaving your organisation will now display the message at the end.


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