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Migrate Team Foundation Server

You would have thought that taking a TFS (Team Foundation Server) database from one server on the domain to another server on the domain was an easy task wouldn't you? Well, not for me it wasn't!

We have TFS 2010 installed on a virtual server in the office and want to move it to another server in the cloud (but still part of our domain). To prepare for the migration, I installed the same version of TFS and SQL onto the new server, using the same domain account as on the source server. I then used the TFS Backup tool to backup the data and copied it to the new server. Using the backup tool once again, I tried to restore it to the new server.

1st problem:
The restore didn't like the fact that there were already databases mounted on the server - these had been created by the install. I detached all databases and restarted the restore.

2nd problem:
Once the restore had completed, the Administration Console couldn't find the SQL serer databases at all. I eventually found the reason was that the name of the configuration fdatabase on the servers was not the same. I have no explanation for this difference, but the source server database was called Tfs_TeamFoundationServerConfiguration and the new server was Tfs_Configuration. The simplest solution here was to edit the 'config.xml' file being used by the Admin Console. This file is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Application Tier\Web Services. The file contains the path to the SQL database and the name of the table. I changed this to the table name in the restored data.

3rd problem:
Even though I could now see the configuration in the console app, the web interface to TFS would not allow me to access the projects in the database, so I would assume the clients using VS2010 wouldn't either. Once again I delved into the 'web.config' file. When comparing this file from the source server, I found there is an App Setting called 'applicationId' which was different. I changed the one on the new server to match that on the source, and performed an IIS Reset.

All done.


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