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Windows 10 Shortcut Keys

Winkey 10 keyboard shortcut


Winkey + Tab

Activates Task View

Winkey + A

Activates Action Center

Winkey + C

Activates Cortana (with speech)

Winkey + D

Shows desktop

Winkey + E

Opens File Explorer

Winkey + G

Activates the new Xbox Game car to let you record games or take screenshots.

Winkey + H

Activates share feature in Windows 10 apps

Winkey + I

Opens Windows 10 settings

Winkey + K

Activates Connect feature to stream to wireless displays and audio devices

Winkey + L

Locks a machine

Winkey + P

Project a screen

Winkey + R

Run a command

Winkey + S

Activates Cortana

Winkey + X

Opens power user features

Winkey + Left / Right / Up / Down

Snaps apps to the side of a screen

Winkey + Ctrl + D

Creates a new virtual desktop

Winkey + Ctrl + F4

Close virtual desktop

Winkey + Ctrl + Left or Right

Switch between virtual desktops

Winkey + Shift + Left or Right

Move apps from one monitor to another

Winkey + 1 / 2 / 3...

Open programs that are pinned on the taskbar. The first app is number one.

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